Monday, January 6, 2020

Racial essentialism and Racial constructivism Free Essay Example, 1000 words

The war against racial prejudice in America has thus been growing under waters because of the historically planted hatred between the whites and blacks. Children that are born in racist families are influenced negatively as they grow up to develop animosity against members of another race without fathomable reasons. For instance, some white kids who are born from racist families mostly interact with white kids and isolate black kids based on their skin color. A kid thus grows knowing that he or she should not associate with black people without an inkling of the reason behind it. The notions that surround racial essentialism are manifold such that the American population that perpetuates racial prejudice is cultivating a horrible situation of existence for the white and black people. Racial prejudice in America is so deep-rooted that some states participate in occasional violent protests against the other races. For instance, the recent demonstration in St. Louis state in America where a young black boy was shot dead by white police in the street for no apparent reason (James, 2008). The resultant protests were so terrific that violence ensued between whites and blacks. We will write a custom essay sample on Racial essentialism and Racial constructivism or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Blacks demanded the rightful conviction of the white police officer who had killed the boy while the whites reiterated that the black boy was guilty, and he deserved to be shot. Racial constructivism Racial constructivism is the circle of notions that people have, enabling them to construct particular racial lines just by appearance and outright â€Å"labeling. † In the United States, racial constructivism has occupied the minds of racists as depicted by the labeling of people as either "blacks" or "whites. " The racial prejudice that undergoes in the United States is principally a division of two races, the blacks, and the whites. For instance, the Africans who live in the United States are mostly grouped as blacks by racial constructivists since their skin color is black. The categorization of people into certain races through racial constructivism has made some racists in America to propagate their atrocities in different spheres of life (Kirkpatrick, 2013). In the job market, some white employers are usually hesitant to employ a person with black skin color. The reason in such cases is just skin color, which shows that the employer declines the person employment because he or she is from a different race. Such scenarios are many since racial discrimination has been a prolonged malady from the historic times.

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